Kong Kong Ballistic Boomerang Dog Toy - Large

Kong Ballistic Boomerang Dog Toy - Large

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Do you need a fun toy that can handle tough play for your dog? The Kong Ballistic Boomerang offers three layers of material with eight rows of stitching which makes this toy very durable. Want to get your dog's attention? Simply squeak and repeat to get your dog wanting more. While this toy is made for tough play it is gentle on your dog's teeth and gums. Toss this boomerang in the water as well for some swimming fun on a hot day. When this toy gets dirty from hours of fun, simply throw in the washing machine and viola good as new.


  • Tough
  • Good for water
  • Soft exterior
  • Squeaks
  • Indoor play
  • Outdoor play

Toy Precaution 

All dogs are special with their own personalities and ways to play. Since they play in different ways with various strengths and desires please keep that in mind when selecting a toy for your dog. Not all toys are created equal and it is best to supervise playtime. Inspect toys frequently to ensure there are no pieces missing or falling off for your dog's safety.