Mountain Dog Chews Mountain Dog Chews Antler Shaker Dog Supplement

Mountain Dog Chews Antler Shaker Dog Supplement

Mountain Dog Chews
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Tails will be wagging with a special treat of Mountain Dog Chews Shed Shaker™ Food Topper supplement and meal enhancer. We mill our naturally-shed premium elk antlers into a sifted single-ingredient powder that is both tasty and naturally chock-full of minerals. Put some Pep in your Pup’s step with an all-natural and wholesome source of calcium, phosphorous, collagen and trace elements. Shed Shaker™ provides an economical, quality supplement to your active or senior dog’s regular nutritional regimen. Perfect also as a flavor enhancer for finicky dogs that turn up their noses to your commercial kibble rotations.

Simply sprinkle a small amount atop your dog’s food daily or as a special treat. Offered in new 8 ounce post-consumer recycled PET shaker bottles for easy application and storage.

As always, 100% crafted in the USA.