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Dear Fellow Pup Parents,

My name is Sarah and I am the very proud puppy mom to Noah. He's a four-year-old black lab mix who is full of sugar, spice and everything nice. My husband and I don't have any human kiddos, so we smother Noah with tons of love, attention and STUFF!!!

So a bit about me ... Admittedly I am a self-proclaimed drama queen. I tend to worry and overthink every decision concerning Noah's health and happiness, so I thought it could be fun (and therapeutic) to share some of my experiences and favorite things.

Thankfully I met Jackie from K-9 Lagoon about 4 years ago ... Noah was just a puppy and she had just opened her fabulous dog pool. Over these four years Jackie has become a friend, a confidant and somebody that I rely on to keep "my drama" in check!!! She is so patient and willing to share her knowledge on clean healthy products that keeps Noah in Tip-Top shape!! 

A little background on Noah ... he was born in Alabama and dropped off at a high-kill shelter BUT thankfully he was rescued by PA Caring for K-9's. They transported him to PA. He lived with his Foster family for a couple of weeks before I stumbled upon him at a fall festival where the rescue had a stand set up ... it was love at first lick!! We filled out the paperwork, waited a week while they did all the background checks (needless to say I didn't breathe, eat or sleep that entire week) then we got the call!!! I quickly went on a shopping spree and off we went to collect our little mister!! Oh the memories!!! 

Noah is actually our second pup our first love bug was our black lab/chow mix Bear ... unfortunately Bear passed away (after a long happy life) but we waited almost a whole year before we were ready to open our hearts again. It may sound insane, but I believe with all my heart that Bear led us to Noah. 
I swear every now and again Noah will look at me and I get a little glimpse of my sweet Bear boy. 
Thanks for letting me take a couple of minutes to introduce myself and I hope you find some humor and helpful tips over my guest blog series!!!
PS ... I've never attempted anything like this before my spelling and grammar are terrible, so please be kind!!!! Thanks

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  • We liked reading about you and Noah. Best of luck with your blogging. A wonderful introduction.

    Treasure & Mikel

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