What's in a Poop

Fellow Dog Peeps Sarah here for a chat!


Yes I said it and I'm totally going there and I can't be alone ... I know some of you out there feel exactly the way I do ... so here we go....

Pathetic? Maybe, but nonetheless I find myself obsessed with Noah's poop .... like did he go today ... how many times did he go ... what did it look like ... did he strain ... how was the consistently .... why does he stare at me ... am I making him self conscious?  I'll have daily check-ins with the Hubs after he's gone around to collect the poop.  Like what's wrong with me!!!!!  Until I realized the bigger picture  ... I just want to make sure that everything is okay and moving like a German Train schedule. 

Noah has always had scooting issues, I've tried several things to help him out, one of the most natural and effective has been (Thanks to Jackie) Antlers, but not your average big box store bleached ones, so buyer beware ... And it satisfies his lust for chewing, so it's a win-win!!! 

I also discovered Honest Kitchens Daily boosters of Goat's milk which offers a wonderful, healthy boost of probiotics. Since using those the scoots and poops have much improved!!! I love that both products are clean and excellent quality!!!

And for all the non smarty mcfartys out there, per my countless internet searches I did come across this nugget ..

You're the Leader of  the Pack

The main reason your dog is looking at you while pooping is essentially for protection. As descendants of wolves, dogs are natural pack animals. This is one reason why dogs and humans get along so well. Dogs and humans are both social creatures who seek to join a pack. 


Don't worry Noah ... Momma's got your back!!!!

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