Lagoon Pet Products Handmade Mason Jar Candle - Sharing the Moment

Handmade Mason Jar Candle - Sharing the Moment

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When you walk in the door from a long day don't you just want to get on the floor and give your dog a hug? Make sure after that long day you turn on this Handmade Mason Jar Candle to help you remember what matters in life. It's not work, it's not nonsense, it's living life the best you can and loving the special ones in your life. This mason jar candle is also the perfect gift for dog lovers who like the look of candles without the hazard. This candle works with a battery-operated tealight which sheds some much needed light on the situation when the power goes out. Candles can be customized with your breed of choice by contacting customer service at



Tealight operated

Custom breed designs available

Mason jar

Emergency light